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The Blocworx platform provides powerful, easy-to use, digital tracking capabilities to allow you to track, automate and optimise your business process quickly and easily.

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New: Covid-19 Return To Work Protocol

In May this, year the Irish government introduced a return to work protocol designed to support businesses and employees so they could safely return to work.

The Blocworx Covid-19 Return To Work Protocol system enables your business to become fully compliant with new legislations that are essential for your business to continue operating.

New: HIQA Covid-19 Nursing Home Protocol

In April this year, the Health Information & Quality Authority introduced a regulatory assessment framework aimed to support designated centres for older people to prepare for an outbreak of COVID-19 and put in place the necessary contingency plans.

The Blocworx HIQA Covid-19 Nursing Home Protocol system enables your care centre to become fully compliant with new guidelines in this document.

Discover a digital workplace to optimise, manage and track all your tasks

Blocworx monitor workflow processes using an integrated set of powerful tools that allow for the creation of workflows, active forms, system integrations, dashboards and reports without writing code.
Instead of new functionality being coded from scratch, Blocworx forms are assembled from prebuilt and pretested ‘steps’. Processes come together quickly. Most customers’ initial processes and rule sets are built, tested and deployed within hours or days after starting.

Enjoy working with a platform that adapts to your needs

For ultimate control, create and edit your own business rules and track data without writing any code. Track your process, activity, progress for all your business needs. Have full control over your activities and the data you collect. Blocworx evolves with your growing business needs with simple edits and customisation options.

Digital Transformation Software to run your company with confidence.

Gain 360 ° visibility of where things stand to help improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency across all business functions.

Flexible Modules

No code solution offers you the flexibility to have multiple processes and procedures powered by a single platform. Build once, use indefinitely and edit quickly.


Real-time information, reporting and analytics on every process. Presented in a user-friendly summary format to save you time and guarantee quality assurance.


Keep track of all the moving parts in your business. Process accuracy and control are crucial for return on your investment. Increase productivity and performance by building efficient processes.


Create role hierarchy units to control the levels of data access amongst employees. Pull facts quickly, get summaries of various work completed or outstanding and share it with those that matter most.

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