The origin of Blocworx

Blocworx is a no code or low code platform. Blocworx allows no coders or Citizen Developers to develop products that assists and simplifies organisations with Digitalisation and Digital Transformation. Blocworx no code platform gives control back to business owners and managers.

Blocworx was founded by a team of expert software and technical enthusiasts with over 65 years’ industry experience. Starting out with a requirement for Eir to build a software solution to track their returns, we decided not to stop there and went on to build the most dynamic, flexible and easy to use tracking system available in the world.

We tailor our innovative award-winning business solution to help organisations in all industries compete both locally and globally. Starting out as Cartolytics, we rebranded and launched with our new name on April 14th 2020.

Today, hundreds of organisations across Ireland use our integrated solutions to manage and run their business operations. Our clients operate in sectors including telecommunications, film & screen skills, manufacturing, healthcare, food & beverage and many more.

Driven by a passion to improve businesses, whether it’s saving them money, making them more efficient or enabling their expansion, we delight in our customers’ success.

We’re proud of our reputation as one of the most trusted and successful suppliers of business software solutions in the Irish market and work hard to retain this standing.

No Code Solutions

Blocworx is a no or low code software platform that allows our No Coders or Citizen developers increase operational efficiency, enhance visibility and ensure traceability across industry sectors such as manufacturing, compliance and healthcare.

No Code Mission

Our mission is allow Citizen Developers & organisations to create and manage Digitalisation & Digital Transformation processes without the need for a software developer. We make Digitalisation & Digital Transformation simple.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition is to facilitate our Citizen Developers to create Digital Products that are agile, quick to create and are robust in structure & security.

Trusted by Market Leaders

Who We Are

We’re go getters, dreamers and we break limits every day we step into the office. We believe each day can be extraordinary and incredible innovations can happen during coffee breaks.

Adrian de Cléir

Director & Developer

Patrick Cruz

Lead Developer

Isobel Hogan

Marketing Executive

Piotr Chudzinski

Product Designer

Tina Hanhrahan

Accounts Manager

John Kennedy

Operations Manager

Ed King

Senior Developer

Mark O'Sullivan

Business Development