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No Code Solutions – Optimise Stock

Citizen Developers can assist you via Blocworx to optimise your stock of replacement parts. Manage suppliers, distribution and point of use centres to deliver exceptional after-sales service experiences. Design your process to automate data capture, reduce operator error and ensure accurate information facilitating better business decisions.

No Code Solutions – Manage Demand

Blocworx No code software provided a no code solution to manage the complete order process in any supply chain environment. In the event this process changes, your Citizen Developer can update your digital products & processes to reflect this change in a fraction of the time your software engineer normally would with hardcoded software. Agile Development at its absolute best.

No Code Solutions – Improve Equipment Uptime

Employ real-time information from your equipment through IoT to proactively replace service parts before your customers’ equipment fails. Blocworx integrates predictive maintenance events with your field service management system to manage both the parts and the workforce

No Code Solutions – Advanced Reporting

Blocworx no code software allows our No Code and Citizen Developers the ability to build customised dashboards and reports based on the reports your require. These metrics allow you to analyse revenue and margins across your supply chain, follow up on the performance of your suppliers, and monitor the order volume of your customers, the equipment location, and the runtime parameters in real-time.

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