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Safety Statements, Risk Assessments & Policies

Use our Policy builder to create impressive and bespoke documents simply by answering a series of questions.

Continuous Auditing and Safety Inspections

Use our form builder to create means of tracking daily activities and to perform any audits of your choosing.

Flexible Software

Blocworx was designed as a no-code solution. We can build your software requirements in front of you, or even show you how to build them yourself.

Report & Data Delivery

Measure and manage your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) using our data exports or on screen data displays and metrics.

Locations, Timestamps & Image Capturing

Record the time, location, images and user IDs for form submissions so you know when and where work is being done.

Document Control

Blocworx allows you to have all your documents and business management tools in the one place. The need to move away from paper based activity has never made so much financial sense. You can get rid of all your old doc and excel files by allowing Blocworx to do all that work for you. We provide bespoke digital forms and digital displays.

Blocworx Process Builder – No Code Solutions

Create your own jobs, modules and forms
Set your own fields and rules
Link up forms that are system wide allowing you to join up your information
Optimise scheduling and resource allocation, set users to jobs
Have complete visibility and traceability, see data on screen or run reports
Comply with quality standards or even build a fully fledged ISO system


Blocworx is commercial partner of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) supplying our innovative software to construction businesses in Ireland. Keeping up to date with the latest construction market needs and trends gives our software the edge needed to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

Trusted by Market Leaders, National Organisations and Multi National companies

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