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Full Customisation

Modifiable to any procedure. Use hide/show rules, lists and data lookup tables to turn your static paper forms into dynamic data entry screens

Food Compliance

Blocworx ensures HACCP standards using record management databases and e-filing. Our quality control features ingredient traceability, multi-location controls, workflows and audit life-cycle transparency.

Food Traceability

Map your processes from farm-to-table supply chain visibility. We can integrate with GPS tools, embedded sensor software and vendor systems to track and trace every step of your process. .

Report & Data Delivery

Map your Blocworx forms directly to your PDF and Excel Report templates. At the touch of a button print your dynamic reports.

Reduce Admin Time

Turn redundant manual paperwork into easy-to use digital forms that will save your time data-inputting and increasing your return on investment.

Offline Data Capture

Maintain all functionality while offline, including access to forms and large data sets, and auto-send when connectivity is restored.



Centralisation and Visibility


Eliminate the need for multiple software products to manage stock and fulfil orders. Manage and coordinate all channels and locations in one platform.

Gain useful insights for inventory and order planning using our comprehensive library of reports and forecasting tools.

Integrate with hardware such as barcode scanners, touch screen PC’s, high-speed industrial printers, handheld mobile computers and weighing scales to capture the data and processes you need to ensure quality and control over your food products and meet safety and compliance standards.

Accurate data and reports to increase your profits

Get unrestricted access to all your data and reports via iPad, mobile phone or desktop computer.

  • Find out what’s making (or losing) you revenue
  • Get a live, customisable feed of revenue centres on the Back-Office, or your phone
  • Track staff performance and shifts
  • Keep an eye on your business on the go

Planning, Agility

Purchase & Supplier Management
  • Submit orders, check statuses and manage your vendors from anywhere, with automatic reconciliation for deliveries.
  • Set delivery days and cut-off times and actively monitor your periodical spend with each supplier by item.
Inventory Management

Know your inventory quantity and value in real time, accessible from any device.

   Track waste and theft to reduce food costs 

    Take inventory counts on your mobile device

   Optimise inventory ordering processes

Trusted by Market Leaders, National Organisations and Multi National companies

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