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Create, Track & Manage cleaning rotas, to do lists, facilities. Add pictures of before and after. Whether is it managing external contractors and facilities management or the management of staff and their day to day duties, you can build, track and manage every task.


Create & Track Maintenance Schedules, Track Training Records, Quarterly Reviews, Create Patient Record Systems, link these systems to HR & CRM Systems or allow them to stand alone. Link Patient care to Account systems.


Manage all of your legal, professional & Governing Body policies and procedures under one system. Use the Blocworx Procedure Builder to personalise your procedures for your facility type and size. Manage all your records, your staff, equipment and PPE requirements under one platform.

Policies & Procedures

Create induction policies, forms and checklists for each new employee. Ensure CPD records are maintained and all training activity is captured. Manage staff progression plans and show progression paths and how staff can grow in your organisation.

Patient Management

Create & Manage all of your internal, external and compliance policies & procedures. Create alerts and reminders to ensure that you and your staff are following your own procedures.

Blocworx Healthcare

Create & Manage Patient Visitor logs, Patient Treatment & Appointment Logs. Blockworx allows you to ensure that you always have adequate staffing provision . In the Health Care industry, it is vital to have a sufficient roster covering a wide range of skills. Our alert system shows you ahead of time if your roster is incomplete.

What we do

Blocworx allows healthcare facilities management no matter what their size or remit, to manage their day to day functions, as well as manage their statutory compliance. Our Process Creators, Quality Management Builders and Form Builders provide a Healthcare Provider with all the tools they need to manage their facility.


We build no-code bespoke solutions

Audits & Reporting

Incidents, Complaints and Compliments

Patient Interaction & Contact Tracing


Daily Rota & To Do Lists

Housekeeping & Manaintenace Management


Blocworx is a corporate partner of Nursing Home Ireland (NHI) offering support and guidance to nursing homes across Ireland. Staying up to date with key procedures and processes required in the healthcare industry is integral to providing our customers with the best digital workplace.

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