In this week’s Limerick Leader, Solutions Development Manager Mark O’Sullivan, explains how Blocworx, is offering a free contact tracing app for clubs and community groups to assist them in returning to regular activities.

O’Sullivan discussed how through the app, pre-populated member lists can be created and assigned to individuals through membership numbers and phone numbers. After selection, the person is then asked a number of questions to determine if fit to participate in group activities under HSE and HAS guidelines.

In the article, O’Sullivan outlined how players can answer digital Covid-19 questionnaire forms prior to training and submit these to get the go-ahead to partake. Managers have a digital list of all the players training at each session, therefore in the event of a COVID outbreak contact tracing is simple.

Read the full article “Limerick software firm gets on digital frontline to offer contact tracing app” here or email to get the app for your sports club or community organisation.