Expense Tracker

Never lose another receipt or struggle with expense claims filed months after a business trip. Blocworx Expense Tracker allows you to input and automatically upload your photos of receipts from business expenses onto the platform. With timely, accurate information, you can better track and verify purchases and get a more complete picture of your spending.

By digitising receipts and automating expense claims, your organisation can:
· Reduce manual data entry and human error
· Add receipts to expense claims instantly
· Save time for travellers and support staff
· Get more accurate data to drive insights
· Automatically itemise expenses to ensure compliance

Travel expenses are, by definition, incurred on the move. Business travellers need an expense platform that lets them snap a photo of a receipt and immediately attach it to an expense claim. With the ability to easily upload receipts data, their expense claim is written before their business trip is over.

Avoid lost receipts, wasted time and expense claim procrastination with Blocworx.

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