Supplier Tracker

Blocworx Supplier Tracker helps you expertly manage your suppliers by allowing you to create detailed supplier lists all on the one platform. Information such as product supplier, location, email, phone, website, address, vat no, quotations, invoices and more can all be inputted for your employees or users to access.

Purchase orders can be recorded for quality management to showcase in audits or internal documents. Purchase order information can include products, price, costs, vat, quantity and more. Upload images, files and excel spreadsheets of large purchase orders to the system. Use your data recorded to generate PDF reports of your process to gain accurate insights and analytics.

Mail alerts can be sent to your supervisors or finance department when employees create purchase order requests. Managers can then approve or reject these which will automatically update the system of the status of the purchase order from pending to approved.

Make sure to get Blocworx Supplier Tracker for less administration work and a return on your investment. Blocworx’s centralised system removes paper folders and the chances of misplacing key information. Have your Supplier Tracker accessible and backed up on your mobile, tablet or desktop for quality assurance.

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