Task Sheets

Blocworx Tasksheets Manager is a great tool for managing trainees and their progress.

Offload much of the heaving lifting of managing tasks sheets by using this product.

Create master template task sheet forms for all your departments and instantly generate bundles of them for each trainee.

Track your trainees week by week progress by allowing them to fill out their tasksheets and getting your supervisors to input into each task sheet also.

Set daily, weekly and monthly reminders that get automtically sent to your trainees and supervisors to remind them to do their task sheets.

Integrate this data with your own website or portal for external reporting and reviewing.

Also, you can link up with other products on the Blocworx hub allowing you to feed this information into other functionality and activity in your business.

Save time by using Blocworx to ensure your trainees are progressing steadily.

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