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Blocworx GDPR products contain a very thorough walk through of your requirements for GDPR where your compliance is measured and progress is graphically displayed. It also contains sample downloadable consent forms and many other templates. The forms may also be digital on the system where once the digital signature has been added once a simple click of a button can trigger the signing of the document. It is possible using various types of reporting to pull this information quickly or get summaries of various pieces of data.

Reports and Analytics

You collect and create a lot of valuable data while working. Blocworx helps you extract that value responsibly, with automated reports and tools that demonstrate your performance and regulatory compliance in real-time. Of course, we provide world-class security too. Because something that valuable needs to be protected. Instantly see the data that matters. And share it with those it matters to most. Blocworx automated reports provide quick and accurate answers to your executives’ most pressing questions. They’re beautifully designed and easy to read too, so you can just forward them right along and get on with your day.

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