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Scalable Low-Code Solution

With Blocworx manage every disposition process easily, from repair to recycling, to resale and more. The software is modified and expanded with point-and-click tools, not code. In minutes, add vendors, change processes and build new paths. Plus, maximise device value with:

  • Omnichannel returns processing
  • End-2-end, real-time visibility
  • Artificial intelligence integration to confirm of deny a return, determine the highest value etc. 
  • Life-cycle tracking 

The fully customisable software integrates with any back-end or third-party system and deploys on the cloud. It’s the ideal reverse logistics/returns management software for telecom, ITAD companies, retailers, and manufacturers.

Dynamic Digital Processes

Building your telecom solution with Blocworx guarantees added value, increase the efficiency of your work, optimise routine processes and capture new markets.

Operation Support Systems (OSS)
  • Network performance management
  • Network resource inventory
  • Fault monitoring and correction
  • Trouble ticketing
Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Data warehousing: aggregated data from multiple sources into a single, quick and safe database-simply input your data to build your workflow
  • Advanced reporting and visualisation: customisable reports to evaluate campaigns effectiveness, predict aftermarket and gain strategic insights for continuous improvements.


Real-Time Reports and Dashboards

Find any device in your distribution and return facility:


                            The true cost of returns                    Per item handling costs                                 Disposition cycle time

                            Efficiency Dashboard                      Recovery rate on returned assets                 Processing & Repair Cost Per Return




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