Starting in 2017, iQutech were the first client of Blocworx and still remain close clients and partners. Many ideas and improved features that got developed on Blocworx came about from the ad-hoc job creation requirements by iQutech, who are an RMA company that process, test, inspect and upgrade returns from industry leaders like Dell, Foxconn & Eir.

Using our Form Builder we were able to create the ability for iQutech to create new jobs every day which all had a completely new set of circumstances, rules, processes and controls.

Building & Importing jobs for fast set-up, tracking data and sending automated reports

Our Form Builder is our proudest asset, its the nuts and bolts of what Blocworx is all about. It comprises of fields (from simple to advanced), design and layout settings, functionality settings, reporting settings, rules for each field, parameters for each field and extra features for the whole form itself.

iQutech utilise our form builder to create new jobs on an ongoing basis. They may build simple forms just to track basic information and solve short term problems,  or more complex ones that allow them to put controls and a plan around an entire process.

Acknowledging that the company may not have time to build entirely new jobs every day using Blocworx, they can also import jobs that are pre-made. This is a valuable asset because they can have many templates saved.

This means in the space of 1 minute, an entire process can be put together on Blocworx.


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