Part of the Blocworx toolbox is the ability to build advanced questionnaires. Originally built for GDPR compliance, we made this questionnaire builder dynamic allowing us to quickly build many other products from it. Our questionnaire builder puts the power in your hands to do the same.

Building Compliance and Progress Tools

At Blocworx, we pride ourselves on making every piece of functionality we build as flexible and dynamic as possible. In 2019, we built our first compliance product GDPR for Business, but keeping with our philosophy that we learned from our Form Builder, we didn’t feel it was good enough to just build a hardcoded product that could only used for one purpose (in this case GDPR). Although it might have taken us longer, building a full fledged questionnaire builder was always going to be much more valuable.

Our Questionnaire/Compliance based products all follow a similar format while still keeping the ability for us, or you, to build any a product based around any topic you like.

This software is comprised of sections, broken down into questions, each of which may provide more information links, files to uploads, question explainers and then sub questions with comments to fill out. Each question can have a sample answer if desired.


You can view your progress for each section, and then do a final review  to see what items are left to complete, they will be marked as either red, yellow or green. You can also export this data to a presentable pdf.







Merging all our features together

When we built the HIQA COVID-19 Nursing Home Protocol product we joined these questionnaire based products with our data tracking features. This gave us the power to build a full compliance, auditing and learning tool where each question may have had extra forms and logs associated with it.




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