When iQuTech, a Limerick based RMA Service provider approached us looking for a method to display their procedures we sat down to see what their needs would look like. Then, Daisy Cleaners came to us with a similar request, then we knew we had a customer requirement we could not ignore.
We set the Citizen Developer team the task of creating a Dynamic Procedure where the instructions or steps could be displayed on the same screen that the user entered their data on.
This would allow both iQuTech and Daisy Cleaners to build their own procedures and build a digital form to capture images, enter information or both. The ability to display the instruction saves the need to have a paper procedure laying around and having them both on one screen saves the company money on hardware.

The team decided to build a word / WYSIWYG editor and giving the ability to provide a window with work instructions, information and pictures around our forms. We were then able to utilise the more advanced rules and features in Blocworx by making the editor a field in itself. This gave it access to all the rules and settings every other field has.

What this meant was,  we were able to do a very advanced form, comprising of inputs, pictures, information, conditional information based on dropdowns or questions answered, revision logging and data tracking associated with a procedure or policy.

Needless to say, we have gone on to create a full enterprise Quality Management, which has passed an ISO 9001:2015 External Audit. This shows us the value of customer feedback & enhancement requests and a No Code Dynamic procedure builder.

Building a fully Fledged Quality Management system good enough for ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification

No Code QMS
Blocworx No Code Quality Management System


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