The team behind the production “Foundation” had to process countless purchase orders, invoices and timesheets. For these to be approved and paid, signatures from the accounts department were needed. To do this using paper was incredibly time consuming. To do this using purpose built document signing software was also time consuming.

By utilising Blocworx and its fast document signing technology, the team were able to do in minutes what had been previously taking them hours. It was now possible for accounts to review all the documents in one place and sign them, even in the 100s, with a click of a button. If there were any issues with any of them they could be omitted from the signing process.

Hours to Minutes

As part of the Blocworx form builder, we have a document signing feature. This feature utilises the fact that a user can have a digital signature associated with their account. It was originally built for signing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). You can choose the source of where the file is added and then sign it, you can pick the location on the page where the document is signed, and also choose if you’d like to sign every page (or not).





This allows for super fast signing, not to mention a timestamped log of when that signature was added. This creates a unique record log for users of Blocworx that they will not have had with conventional document signing (or even other digital document signing methods).

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