Screen skills and training is an essential part of the screen industry in Ireland. The production “Foundation”, filmed in Troy Studios in Ireland had many trainees in various departments. Tracking trainee progress on their skills not only makes it easier for production companies to find people with core skills (and their level of competency) but also makes it easier for the trainee to find employment in their area of expertise.

Before now, task sheets were built using Excel and tracked and stored on PCs. The purpose of these task sheets was to allow the trainee, the supervisor and the administrator to enter their information on the trainee progress. The trainee would state how they are progressing in a certain department, and include a learning journal, and then each week would require a new task sheet. The time lost on managing all this was very costly. Keeping track of trainees and making sure they were filling their sheets was also costly.

Blocworx was able to offer a solution where the task sheets are all pre-generated on the system and the sign offs were more straight-forward. The system also provided reminders thus taking another headache away from the administrator.

Speeding up a cluttered process

Removing paper from a process is one problem that is solved by Bloxworx. However removing disorganised and hard to manage files from your PC is another. Blocworx enabled the administrator at Troy Studios to be able to generate task sheets on the fly, run reports, get instance overviews of trainee progress and watch each week to see who has complete what in their specific department. The trainees were able to log in with ease, fill out their sections and add their learning journals.



Using our form builder, we were able to digitise and centralise all the task sheets by department and allow various people with various roles sign off on parts of each task sheet.

Other features included email notifications when either a trainee or supervisor submitted their part of the sheet, daily reminders for anyone who has not filled out their task sheet, ability for the administrator to sort data by week numbers, dates, departments, individuals and much more.

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