On the 6th June it was announced that all sports clubs must electronically log the attendance of all individuals at training for contact tracing purposes. The team at Blocworx decided to make this as easy as possible for all clubs around the country.

You can now avail of our easy to use electronic attendance log free of charge.

To sign up or express an interest, contact us at info@blocworx.com right away.

Utilising the power of our rules and settings

In February 2020, we had agreed our new name “Blocworx” that would set the tone for our brand launch and a full strategy had been set out for the year on how to commercialise our form building technology and bring it into businesses across the country. By March the entire country had gone into lockdown due to COVID-19.

This forced us to rethink our strategy and address new needs and offer assistance to get the country back on its feet.

In June, when the government announced that all sports training must have attendances logged electronically we decided to build this free application using our own tech. It was a repurposed standard attendance log we had built prior to the pandemic. We put together the fields, some rules for the fields, and some settings to protect the privacy of users. We also made available our offline mode in the event that this was needed in areas with poor or no internet connection.

To get set up with an account, don’t hesistate to contact us at info@blocworx.com.

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