Feature Packed Platform

Our software is engineered to cater to diverse business needs. With a wide range of features at our disposal, we can build software to establish efficient workflows, automate tasks, and enhance your overall operational efficiency. We offer a variety of functionalities, from document generation to mail alerts to simple trackers and forms.

Superior Solutions without the Premium Price

Experience the brilliance of top-tier software without the hefty costs associated with conventional development. Our dedicated Blocworx creators are here to provide the exact solution tailored to your needs.

Predominantly No-Code, Occasionally Low-Code

While our Blocworx platform is rich in features and customisability, unique requirements may arise. Whether it's a distinct report or a specific landing page, our in-house developers are at your service for bespoke additions.

Customer Support - A Relationship We Cherish

Being an Irish firm, we value our client relationships deeply. While our technology is our pride, the relationships we build with our clients is what we truly cherish. Expect tailored support and a partnership that thrives.

Seamless Adaptation and Growth

With the dynamic nature of businesses, your software must remain adaptable. Designed for scalability, Blocworx ensures your software remains relevant, no matter the direction your business takes, be it new products or market expansions.

Web Expertise Beyond Just Platforms

With years in web development under our belt, our team extends beyond the platform, creating web interfaces that synergise with Blocworx. Imagine a public form that seamlessly integrates with your internal tracker, or an api call to your in-house system every time someone makes an order on your e-commerce website.

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€17 per Module/Full User/Month*

*Full Users are admistrators or users with access to many modules. We also provide basic user options where 10 users can represent the price of 1 Full User.
For Customisation and tailor-made modules we may charge an hourly rate for no-code building. Contact Us to view a demo or find out more information.

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