Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where a page could take a long time to load. This was due to it loading all the data in its child modules.
  • Added ability for the logo and header background to be changed.
  • Added the ability to schedule the Mail Alert field so that the system can go through each record and conditionally send alerts based on certain criteria.
  • Fixed a small bug with the response from the rule: Must be between certain values.
  • Added the ability for our Bartender Label field to do a local print on your PC rather than dropping a file on the server. This allows people to set up Bartender without the need of support and configuration from us.
  • Added the ability to allow Shift + Enter reverse backwards through the fields in the bloc.
Release Notes


  • Resolve issue of Rules ordering when there are more than 9 rules in one field.
  • Added the ability to trigger the Results Box as soon as the field is loaded.
  • Added the ability to hide columns when in tablet view, and ability to hide them when in mobile view.
  • Some improvements and better error handling for our Dynamic Data field parameter.
  • Added ability for people to add more email addresses to the automated reports.