Release Notes


  • Using the search by a specific field in a bloc it now autocompletes values, once clicked they trigger the filter/search immediately.

  • Ability to edit Results Box Data and even apply rules, actions and other settings to the data you’re editing.
  • Ability to trigger rules, actions and other settings when applying a Cross Bloc Manipulator field trigger. For example, when creating a record you could have it autogenerating a number and even sending a mail alert.
  • Some Text Changes to remove the concept of Blocworx only for handling scanning, words like “Scan” changed to “Entry”.
  • Issue resolved where using Delete All Data was not deleting files in those records on the server.
  • Issue fixed where the red alert when a rule is broken was not disappearing in some cases.
  • The ability has been added to move a bloc to another module
  • A new field parameter where special characters can automatically be stripped from a string.
  • The icon and pop up for the Results Box has now been removed. This was unused and unnecessary feature.