Blocworx Flowcharts

This feature is a useful troubleshooting and process examination tool. It allows for quick handovers of blocs to other people and could even be used to simply design a process.

This currently can be done for each bloc. Coming soon will be the ability to map out your entire system to see how modules, pages and blocs link together.

This will allow people to have an auto-generated sitemap of their software with the click of a button.

Release Notes


  • Major New Update: The Autogenerate field can now be a fully dynamic string with multiple dates in the string and any format of your choosing, not just pre-selected formats. It also now has the ability to include data from other fields, just like our Merge Field.
  • Improvements to our Results Box field to handle various field types like images, file downloads and barcodes.
  • Improvement where the File Builder field and Mail Alert field now has rules/actions called once the button is pressed.
  • Small UX improvements including the Download button at the top of a bloc for templates now reduced in size.
  • Added Improvements and easier access to the user Digital Signature page.
  • More Improvements to our Blocworx Gateway scheduler and the main Bloc scheduler (including internal testing improvements)
  • Improvements and more stable fixes when adding and editing rules.