Release Notes


  • Added the ability to change the text on the login page.
  • Improved and fixed bugs in the function where you can quantities to the Date field, allowing you to add days on top of an existing date.
  • Added the ability to change the default empty value from “N/A” to anything you wish (including blank data).
  • Added more frequencies to our Mail Alert scheduler.
  • Fixed a bug where the Multi File field is causing issues with the Mail Alert field.
  • Added a new Bloc parameter, when you leave the bloc you can set a pop up/notification before the user exits.
  • Added 2 new features to the Results Box field
    • Ability to put in any fields you wish, meaning you do not have to set this option in the source bloc that the field is getting the data from.
    • Ability to set colours in the results based on values.
  • Created a new Blocworx Permission called “Admin: Full Administration Only” where the user has unlimited access except for the ability to do building/development.
  • Added a new feature where an asterisks is shown if a field has the “Cannot be Empty” rule applied to it. This is better UX and imitates normal forms that have a * Required field.
  • Improved the Date Difference field so that different formats can be compared to each other.
  • Improved our Template Exporter to support the Checkboxes from Bloc field.
  • Created a Bluetooth field (currently a Beta version).
  • Created the first version of our Blocworx Gateway Field.
  • Added Rule/Action calling to the Cross Bloc Data Manipulator Field.