Release Notes


    • UUIDs will now be used for all new urls for pages, blocs, modules and field IDs (field IDs are internally set on our side). So for example for any new bloc created the url will look something like this… instead of This is a significant structural improvement that will make it very easy to move and copy modules in our next release. It also makes rules, fields and other IDs more secure and stable in the software.
    • There is now the ability to download files in a bloc. This feature downloads a zip file of all files based on the data that was filtered (or not filtered).
    • Legacy Features are now going to be hidden and can be turned back on again in App Settings
    • Bug fix of issue where a large number of fields being added in the same element had problems with ordering.
    • New ability to archive data automatically, as opposed to deleting, archiving disables from the live data thus giving better performance and cleaner data, but also provides the comfort of being able to revert easily.
    • Bug fixed where the calendar was not loading the data for the date that was selected (if the date was a Primary Calendar field)
    • Allow the ability to decide if checkbox data can be listed either by comma seperated (current default setting) or one line after the next.

      Coming Soon in Version 3.6
    • Ability to edit Results Box Data and even apply rules, actions and other settings to the data you’re editing
    • Ability to trigger rules, actions and other settings when applying a Cross Bloc Manipulator field trigger. For example, when creating a record you could have it autogenerating a number and even sending a mail alert.
    • Ability to export modules and files and import them into another system.