Release Notes


  • Resolved issue where an Auto Generate Reference field (the field that can be used to count against) was triggering a new autogeneration while editing a record
  • Changed wording/typo in a field name
  • Cleaned up the list of roles when there are multiples of 2 in the Manage Roles section
  • New Maths field updates to allow min(), max(), round() and avg() and more to come soon
  • Fixed bug where on new versions, any new text on the front end requires a log out and log back in for it to appear
  • Fixed small issue issue where the same setting could be seen twice in the Edit Theme section
  • Fixed a bug where when a rule breaks on the maths field it causes an infinite loop of the rule breaking over and over.
  • Added new option to the Cross Bloc Data Manipulator field where you can unset the Condition section to “No Conditions Required”, thus reducing confusion and improving UX.
Release Notes


  • It’s now possible to add multiple search filters/criteria for our Results Box field. Where previously the look up could only match one field, now you can search multiple fields in the other bloc that must match multiple fields in the bloc the Results Box is being created in.
  • There is a new feature where you can disable a user, i.e. make them inactive, this will prevent them from being able to login. This is useful for staff leaving etc but where there is data associated with them.
  • Fixed a small bug where when editing a page, the icon pop up was being visually blocked.
  • A major new and useful update to our Mail Alert field, where you can now attach the .docx templates you may have built in that bloc.
  • There is a new feature where blocs cannot be deleted if they are associated with field parameters or rules.
  • A new feature where you can see all the schedules running in your system in the Manage Data section.
  • A new field parameter that allows you to load data from other blocs based on a search criteria. The purpose of this is to allow master lists to always be loaded directly from those lists, as opposed to the data being copied in. This is similar to a JOIN statement in SQL and will allow users to build even cleaner sytems with just one source of truth for their data.
  • Fixed a bug where the File field file name was still visible in the field after submitting. It now clears correctly.