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Blocworx 3.0: Welcoming IOT, Scheduling, API Gateways and more

We’ve been hard at work, understanding our customers, understanding ourselves and discovering more and more opportunities with our product. Our work has culminated in features that address the fundamentals of what Blocworx is built for, which is no-code operations and tracking. We established that there were some core solutions that needed to be implemented to make Blocworx the best solution there is available:

  • IOT Compatibility
  • Integration and connectivity of Blocworx
  • Automation and Scheduling
  • Structure and flow, treating no-code like coded work
  • Publicly Available Code and Projects

IOT Compatibility

Recognising the needs for hardware technology and no-code to be increasingly compatible, we are rolling out 3 new fields, the Bluetooth field, an MQTT sender and MQTT broadcaster. We are already live with our Bluetooth field and have the ability to track temperatures from thermometers. We will be constantly adding more and more devices and configurations. The MQTT fields will allow you to connect to any MQTT broker, or a broker provided by us, thus you’ll be able to easily send and receive data to any device over MQTT.

Integration of Blocworx

We are opening up Blocworx, for both data coming in and out. Our new Blocworx Gateway Field allows you to send HTTP requests to any location and work with the response. These requests can be triggered via various means, e.g. a data changing somewhere, or simply using a button, or before you submit your form. This opens up Blocworx and gives you access to an infinite number of APIs, e.g. currency converters, language translators, your own inhouse custom APIs. The launch of the Gateway Field is also done in combination with our new Blocworx API.

Blocworx API

We have launched our API docs for our customers. We will be adding many more endpoints to the docs over the coming weeks. By combining our Gateway field with our API it will be possible for developers to build their own functionality that talks to and reads from Blocworx. This opens Blocworx to be available in any IT infrastructure a company might be using.

Automation and Scheduling

Blocworx has many features and tools, to the point that a citizen developer can get very creative with their solutions to problems. There was one thing missing. To get the best out of Blocworx the processing always had to take place while the user had the screen open and physically interacted with the page. They would build a beautiful process but it was not possible for them to apply the same functionality automatically. We have made a major change to this so now all our features can be accessed via means outside of the Blocworx web application itself.

For example, when someone uploads data using excel, we could apply the rules to the data, call APIs, extract parts of the data and populate other parts, apply Maths data, check for duplicates, populate other blocs with relevant data. All in one upload. We can apply this to any way data gets inputted into Blocworx, either via an API, data upload, or scheduler. Which brings us onto our next new feature. The Blocworx Scheduler:

Manage Bloc Scheduler

Everything described above can now be automated. You could set up a bloc with initial default values and simply begin to create records by themselves. This could be handy for creating audit schedules or even simple reminder systems or stock checking systems using this combined with fields like our Cross Bloc Data Update field and Mail Alert fields.

For example, as a demo, we built a schedule that pulls the latest status from a different bloc of a mechanical tool, this resulted is in being able to give a live graph of uptime of the tool. This was possible using a combinations of simple Blocworx rules and our scheduler.

Structure and Flow

At Blocworx, we take the applications that people build seriously. No-Code by its nature is database driven software, meaning the algorithms and flows that are set out, are determined and held in a database, not immediately in code. While this creates the ultimate flexibility, it can also introduce questions around the resilience of the software. To resolve this Blocworx is introducing a suite of features and solutions that not only address this problem but turn it into an opportunity.

  1. Aside from our existing strong back up regular procedures, we will be introducing bloc restore points in Version 3.2.0. This means you will be able to roll back a bloc you have built. We hope to build on that in the future by having system wide restore points.
  2. We now have the ability to review and troubleshoot your bloc using a Mermaid JS flowchart. If you have built some tools in Blocworx and are beginning to lose track of what you have built or how it works, our flowchart will give you an instant glance of the structure of your bloc. The great news is, because this chart is generated on the fly automatically, you will be able to review all your existing work too, not just new blocs!

Publicly Available Code and Projects

We have built connectors, integrators, Node based Bluetooth Readers and MQTT listeners, auto printing projects, various portals and even simple HTML projects, all of which connect to Blocworx in some manner. We have decided that over the coming weeks we will be making the code for all of these publicly available with documentation. This will allow developers to have out of the box projects waiting that are connected with Blocworx. All of these projects, while completely different to each other, have one thing in common, they are simple code based projects that make use of the power of Blocworx.

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Business & Finance Magazine: Leveraging Digital Transformation to Drive Business

In the latest volume of Business & Finances digital magazine ‘New Horizons’ Adrian de Cléir, CEO & Founder of Blocworx discusses how no code software like Blocworx is changing the game for its clients.

De Cléir explains “In order to survive in the current and future era, business leaders and their organisations must develop or at least initiate a digital strategy and investigate what Digitalisation & Digital Transformation will look like for them”.

Blocworx gives organisations the tools to start their digital journey by creating paperless processes, removing duplication, providing faster access to data, and implementing simple solutions that improve processes.

You can read the full article from Business & Finance, New Horizon: Top CEOs share their vision of the future. If you or your business would like to explore digital transformation, click here to try Blocworx for free today.

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Business & Finance: Blocworx expands digitalisation platform into UK

Blocworx Business Finance Article

In late November 2020, Business & Finance announced Blocworx have accelerated their proposed expansion plans and entered the UK market.

Blocworx CEO Adrian de Cléir, explains “there has been strong and continuing market interest in our solutions and none more so than our nearest neighbours, the UK market”.

De Cléir discussed how through Blocworx, digitalisaiton can be achieved by organisations in weeks rather than years. The sophisticated platform was created to provide digital solutions to all organisations from microbusinesses to large enterprises, it has been made simple to use and has a wide range of applications across multiple sectors.

The UK expansion will ultimately help provide new clients with the latest digital tools to implement their own digital strategies, making their colleagues and their own lives easier. Moreover, the no-code platform will help more enterprises to save time and money by giving them the tools to start their digital journey.

Read the full article “Blocworx expands their digitalisation platform into UK“. If your business could adopt digital transformation, try Blocworx for free here today. To contact the Blocworx sales team email

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Business & Finance Magazine: Blocworx facilitates Digitalisation in Businesses

Blocworx Business & Finance

In the latest volume of Business & Finances digital magazine ‘Workforce Evolution: The Future of Work’ Adrian de Cléir, CEO & Founder of Blocworx discusses the changing workforce dynamics with increased adoption of digital transformation platforms like Blocworx.

De Cléir notes “Digital Transformation is no longer just part of the back-office infrastructure but is driving work efficiency and effectiveness. The future of work depends on technology, leadership, and flexibility”. At a time of vast changes within the workplace environment, focus is on how to improve productivity, compliance, and increase competitiveness. These factors can significantly be improved in addition to increasing ROI”.

The latest issue, Volume 57 No.2, discusses how increased digitisation has created questions regarding the future of work. Business & Finance, Managing Director, Sarah Freeman, explains ‘With increased digital transformation, new modes of communication and an acceptance that hybrid workforces are here to stay, we’d like to recognise the herculean endeavours made in order to sustain businesses”.

Blocworx helps businesses adapt and transform their paper, processes, procedures, products, and more. This enables you not only to customise a flexible digital platform that suits you but also gives you full control and visibility of every aspect of your tasks.

You can read the full article from Business & Finance, Work Force Evolution: The Future of Work here. If your business would like to explore digital transformation, click here to try Blocworx for free today.

Blocworx Business Finance Digital Transformation
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TechCentral: Digital Transformation without needing to writing code

In its latest new story, Ireland’s technology news resource featured Blocworx innovative and disruptive approach to digital transformation.

Blocworx agile and unique software offers organisations the ability to build their own digital forms, products, procedures, and more, without needing to write code.

Blocworx client iQuTech revealed how the implementation of Blocworx has transformed its business operations and the ability to take on new business. Kieran Judge, iQuTech Operations Manager, explained how Blocworx has replaced cumbersome paperwork, Excel sheets, some legacy software, and reduced the time staff spends on administration by 30% per employee.

To find out more, read ‘Blocworx facilitates digital transformation in organisations without needing to write code‘. If your business could adopt digital transformation, try Blocworx for free today here or contact our sales team email

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Blocworx Launch Pub, Restaurant & Café Contact Tracing App

Blocworx Contact Tracing App is available to download now. The app is designed for use in pubs, restaurants and café.

In the event of a Covid case, tracing customers is made simple. Trace visitors in and out of your premises by inputting customer name, contact number, and the number of visitors. Information is recorded and stored on Blocworx for compliance with contact tracing regulations. The app is accessible on mobile, tablet, desktop, and any device.

At only €50 per year, the user-friendly app will save employees time spent on data entry and paper filing.


  • Easy to use
  • No installation fees
  • No set up required
  • Instant access, simple download
  • Unlimited users

Email to sign up today.

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Blocworx partner with the Irish Athletic Boxing Association

Blocworx is delighted to announce we have partnered with the Irish Athletic Boxing Association (IABA), to supply IABA affiliate clubs with access to our digital contact tracing application for free. Government Covid-19 requirements specify that sporting clubs must keep a digital record of all persons attending their club for contact tracing purposes. Blocworx digital app will provide all IABA affiliate clubs access to Blocworx user-friendly solution that is fully compliant with GDPR and Covid-19 requirements.  

Blcoworx Contact Tracing

To sign up contact and state that you would like to be added to and provide the club name and your own name. We will respond with a club admin login, club member login, and video instructions.

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Limerick Leader: Blocworx on digital frontline offering contact tracing app

In this week’s Limerick Leader, Solutions Development Manager Mark O’Sullivan, explains how Blocworx, is offering a free contact tracing app for clubs and community groups to assist them in returning to regular activities.

O’Sullivan discussed how through the app, pre-populated member lists can be created and assigned to individuals through membership numbers and phone numbers. After selection, the person is then asked a number of questions to determine if fit to participate in group activities under HSE and HAS guidelines.

In the article, O’Sullivan outlined how players can answer digital Covid-19 questionnaire forms prior to training and submit these to get the go-ahead to partake. Managers have a digital list of all the players training at each session, therefore in the event of a COVID outbreak contact tracing is simple.

Read the full article “Limerick software firm gets on digital frontline to offer contact tracing app” here or email to get the app for your sports club or community organisation.

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Galway Daily: Blocworx help food businesses with COVID compliance

Galway Daily Blocworx

In a recent Galway Daily article, CEO Adrian de Cléir discusses the launch of Blocworx Food Safety Management solution and discussed how the platform has been repurposed to assist in COVID compliance.

De Cléir discussed how the dynamic no-code solution is helping hotels, restaurants, caterers and food producers advance their digitalisation to better meet the need for compliance with HACCP and Covid-19 safety requirements.

Blocworx latest Food Safety Management solution includes additional hygiene and food safety compliance requirements built-in for employees to track activities such as hygiene routines, daily cleaning tasks, and kitchen management.

In the article, de Cléir described how the digitalisation of Food Management processes results in huge savings on time, improved quality management systems, and will continue to help businesses increase their turnover and quality standards.

Read the full article “West of Ireland start-up Blocworx helping food businesses with COVID compliance” here or to learn more about Blocworx solutions email